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В связи со сложившейся эпидемиологической обстановкой,
Российско-Израильский двусторонний Саммит «Пациент с коморбидной патологией: проблемы диагностики, маршрутизации и лечебной тактики»

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Russian-Israeli Bilateral Summit For Updates In Primary Care And Family Medicine

«A patient with comorbid pathology: problems of diagnosis,

routing and therapeutic tactics»,

2020, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Dear colleagues, due to the pandemic, the event is postponed, the exact dates will be indicated later

We invite you to participate in Russian-Israeli bilateral Summit "A patient with comorbid pathology: problems of diagnosis, routing and therapeutic tactics".



St. Petersburg, Leo Tolstoy str., building. 6-8, First Pavlov St. Petersburg State Medical University, Ministry of Health of Russia.



• Health Committee of St. Petersburg,

• Health Committee of the Leningrad Region,

• First Pavlov St. Petersburg State Medical University,

• North-Western State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov,

• St. Petersburg Family Medicine Association,

• St. Petersburg Association of Therapists named after S. P. Botkin,

• RPO "Doctors of St. Petersburg",

• Medical Chamber of the Leningrad Region,

• Russian Society for the Study of Inflammatory Bowel Disease,

• Israel Association of Family Physicians.


In recent years, an increase in the prevalence of comorbid pathology has been observed in the world and in Russia, in particular. The medical and social significance of these diseases determines their prevalence among patients, who are supervised by primary care physicians. The summit will be devoted to current issues of organizing and providing medical care to patients with comorbid pathology. Modern approaches to treatment of patients from the point of view of an interdisciplinary approach will be presented; coordination problems of therapeutic tactics of general practitioners (family doctors) with specialist doctors at different levels of medical care will be discussed.

We will be glad to see you on 11th–13th of June, 2020. We hope that the scientific program and friendly atmosphere will contribute to creative activity, the acquisition of new knowledge and practical skills, unforgettable experience, the emergence of new friendly and scientific contacts.

On behalf of the organizing committee

Academician of RAS, Professor S.F. Bagnenko


Co-Chairs of the Scientific Organizing Committee:

  •  S.F. Bagnenko – Rector of  First Pavlov St. Petersburg State Medical University, Ministry of Health of Russia, Academician of RAS, Professor
  •  O.M. Drapkina - Chief Freelance Specialist in Therapy and General Medical Practice of the Ministry of Health of the Russia, Corresponding Member of RAS, Professor
  •  Shlomo Vinker - WONCA Europe President Elect, member of executive board of EGPRN, Tel Aviv University Professor.


Scientific Committee:

  • Baranova E.I., Professor (St. Petersburg)
  • Baruch Itzhak (Israel)
  • Belousova E.A., Professor (Moscow)
  • Kuznetsova O.Y., Professor (St. Petersburg)
  • Michal Shani (Israel)
  • Mikhtiev S.N.,  Professor (St. Petersburg)
  • Shaporova N.L., Professor (St. Petersburg)
  • Trofimov V.I., Professor (St. Petersburg)
  • Vezikova N.N., Professor (Petrozavodsk)
  • Volkova A.R., Professor (St. Petersburg)


Time line:

11th – Evening – Opening lecture and welcome cocktail

12th – Full day – lectures and symposia

12thGala dinner – not included in the registration fees and should be paid extra

13th – Full day - lectures and symposia


The main topics of the Summit:


1. Comorbid patient with cardiac pathology:

• Patient with arterial hypertension

• Problems of cardiovascular risk

• Chronic heart failure

• Rhythm disturbances, focus on atrial fibrillation

• Cerebroprotection in patients with hypertension

• New consensus documents for the treatment of CVD patients in geriatrics

2. Comorbid patient with pulmonological pathology:

• Bronchial obstructive diseases from a modern perspective

• INDI, problems of antibiotic resistance

• Rehabilitation of a pulmonological patient

3. Comorbid patient with gastroenterological pathology:

• The main method for diagnosing inflammatory bowel diseases is the creation of the multidisciplinary team.

• Current goals and strategies for treating ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease. Is histological remission achievable?

 • Issues of optimizing the treatment of patients with ulcerative colitis. Tasks of primary care doctors after transfer from the Center for IBD. Timely diagnosis and routing of patients with inflammatory bowel diseases on the example of St. Petersburg city.

• Rehabilitation of patients with inflammatory bowel diseases who had a surgery.

• Comorbidity in patients with inflammatory bowel disease. Importance of the long-term safety of drug therapy.

• Comorbid patient with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, cholelithiasis (focus on cardiac pathology and obesity).

4. Comorbid patient with endocrinological pathology:

Diabetes mellitus and its complications.

• Thyroid Disease.

• Obesity as an interdisciplinary problem.

5. Comorbid patient with rheumatological pathology:

• Osteoporosis, problems of a fragile patient.

• Differential diagnosis of articular syndrome.

• Problems of osteoarthritis.

6. Organization of medical care for a comorbid patient:

Organization of nursing care in geriatric practice.

• Schools of patients as the basis for the formation of lifestyle in a comorbid patient.

• Routing patients in emergency medical care.


Official languages: English and Russian.

There will be bi-lingual simultaneous translation in all the plenary lectures, all slides will be translated, and there will be a double projector presentation in English and Russian.


The target audience of the Summit:

General practitioners (family medicine), general practitioners, pediatricians, cardiologists, gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, rheumatologists, coloproctologists, surgeons, nutritionists, endoscopists, and specialists in healthcare.


Number of participants:

We expect more then 200 participants from Russia and Israel


Registration fees for Israeli side

Registration fees for participants - 300 $



We recommend hotel around the venue (accommodations should be done directly by the participants):

Guyot Business Boutique Hotel, 4-star hotel  

Professora Popova st., 23, 197376 Saint Petersburg, Russia (near University) 

Airport shuttle available for an additional charge.

Guyot Business Boutique Hotel is located in Saint Petersburg, a 10-minute walk of Petrogradskaya Metro Station and a 12-minute drive of The Peter and Paul Fortress. It has spacious rooms, meeting facilities and free WiFi.

Guyot Restaurant serves a buffet breakfast and international cuisine. The Flambe Hideaway offers Russian cuisine and candlelit dinners, while European dishes are offered in the Old Flat Hall Restaurant.

The spa centre at the Guyot Business Boutique features a sauna, Turkish steam room, and hot tub.

Nevsky Prospekt Avenue is 5 km from Guyot Business Boutique Hotel, and Pulkovo International Airport is 25 km away. It is 7 km from Moskovsky Train Station.

Petrogradskiy is a great choice for travelers interested in parks, riverside walks and atmosphere.

Contacts: Ekaterina +7 (981)126-50-50; sales@guyot.spb.ru ; www.guyot.spb.ru

48 rooms are confirmed for the period 10 - 13 June 2020 according to the price listed below:


from 10 to 12 June (breakfast included)
8 SNGL - 7400 rubles
7 DBL - 7700 rubles
2 STUD - 10400 rubles
2 LUX - 13050 rubles
9 TRAN - 8500 rubles
20 TWIN - 8500 rubles

from 12 to 13 June
8 SNGL - 9950 rubles
7 DBL - 10450 rubles
2 STUD - 15650 rubles
2 LUX - 18650 rubles
9 TRAN - 10950 rubles
20 TWIN - 10950 rubles


Registration is available on the site https://altaastra.com/events/ru-izr-sammit-11-june-2020.html

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